How To Date During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Few could have predicted the Coronavirus Pandemic, the drastic measures implemented to contain its spread, or the knock-on effects on our social lives. Everything has been impacted, from the way we work to our leisure pursuits. Singles have found dating curtailed by social distancing as venues where they traditionally sought partners closed their doors. This has forced people to turn to other outlets, with increasing numbers signing up to dating websites. Here are some further pointers about relationships during the COVID era.


Explore online dating options

The pandemic has cut off so many areas where singles could meet kindred spirits. But this hasn’t affected the online world one iota. In an atmosphere where you have to be so wary about connecting with people you don’t know that much about, services like is the perfect solution. One of the aspects of dating that many 50 or over singles feel apprehensive about is meeting someone suitable. The matchmaking platforms that are represented on this service will allow you to find matches according to compatibility, as well as providing the basis for establishing a strong sense of chemistry.


Be mindful of new contacts

When you’re reacting to new messages sent to your dating profile on a matchmaking site, you can take some time screening the person. The more your relationship develops, the greater the chances of you finding out what makes them tick. As you gain more trust, you can determine what their health history has been. Have they been exposed to Coronavirus? If so, what was the outcome? Were they infected? If so, how long was it before they were given the all-clear by medical professionals? These are questions that would have been unthinkable in fairly recent memory, but at least the online environment allows you to ask pertinent questions – from a safe distance.


Embrace the technology

People getting familiar online always have one eye on the moment when they will connect in the real world. But the Pandemic has fostered a degree of understandable suspicion, making the prospect of going out for face-to-face encounters with relative strangers much more stressful. The solution is to embrace the technology currently being adopted wholesale to keep businesses running, like zoom conference calls (although other software options are available!) Video chatting has been available on dating sites for some time now, and this is the ideal way to enjoy a much more fulfilling, visual connection with someone, rather than messaging online. Being able to see someone’s face as they react to your sweet nothings is worth a hundred texts.


Undertake detective work

Dating in the current climate requires a sense of vigilance. It’s impossible to build a true picture of someone’s character from a few paragraphs of description, especially given the fact site users often exaggerate aspects of their character as they try to stand out from the crowds of singles using these sites. But you can use other aspects of the online environment to do some of your research. Huge numbers of people who sign up to dating sites already have some sort of online presence. Once you’ve got a name, profile image, and location, you can check out if the person you are connecting with uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or several other popular alternatives. Depending on their security settings, you might be able to review their posts, getting an insight into their lives in case they have been affected by COVID but haven’t admitted as much.