A Married Couple Were Out For A Walk When One Text Message Changed Their Lives Forever

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March 4th, 2013 started out as a normal day for married couple Leslee and David, but ended in tragedy.

The couple set out for a morning walk near their home in Utah. As the couple walked on the streets sidewalk, minding their own business, a distracted driver was barring down on them from behind.

The driver, a woman who was late for work, speeding and texting, crashed into a vehicle that was travelling in front her. That vehicle was sent flying out of control and heading straight for Leslee and David.

The vehicle slammed into the couple, pinning them against the guard rail. The driver of the out of control car states that he remembers David pushing Leslee out of the way just moments before the accident.

David lost his life on impact, while Leslee suffered horrific injuries to her entire body, having to be air lifted to the nearest hospital where she received over 5,000 stitches and staples.

One moment in time, one simple text message destroyed the lives of many. One man lost his life, one woman lost her husband and the couples 9 children lost their father. Leslee will no doubt never be the same person she was before she set out on that morning walk. The driver of the car who was sent flying out of control will also never be the same, for he was placed in a situation where his vehicle took the life of another human being.

Being late for work is no excuse for speeding. Texting while driving is one of the worst things you could possibly do when behind the wheel. Many of us think we are in control when we text behind the wheel, but we are not. Lives can change in an ¬†instant. In the time it take to hit send or fix a spelling error in a text…someone could lose their life.

An average of 9 people per day die in a result of distracted driving accidents. That is far too many and the number is simply staggering.

Be safe when driving. It’s not just your life you have in your hands when you are behind the wheel of a vehicle.



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