Maine’s Mills Agent House Is Home To Thousands Upon Thousands Of Haunting Experiences

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Mills Agent House Vassalboro Maine Haunted

Ray Breton claims that his home is haunted and thousands upon thousands of people agree with him!

Over the years, thousands of people have traveled from all over the worlds to stay the night in the incredibly haunted Mills Agent House. From Germany to Texas, people have experienced some of the strangest, out of this world occurrences inside the Mills Agent House located in Vassalboro, Maine.

It has been featured on a national TV show on A&E Biography’s “My Ghost Story.”

The Mills Agent House was built in 1847 for the manager overseeing the village’s textile mill which is located just across the street.

Breton owns both the Mills Agent House as well as the old mill. He states that both are haunted and there is enough audio, video and personal experience evidence to back up those claims.

Mills Agent House Vassalboro Maine Haunted

Photo by Ben McCanna

The home is so haunted that Breton makes all people who enter, stand next to a 100-foot-tall burr oak tree in his yard and explains that visitors to the Mill Agent’s House should take precautions before going inside.

Resting your  palms lightly against the coarse tree bark allows for ‘grounding’.

“This draws the negative energy out of you,” Breton claims. “It cleans the slate before you enter a house with so much activity.”

It also helps prevent ghosts from following people home.

Since Breton has owned the house, it has been divided into six apartments over the decades. Apartment 1 is the most spiritually active, he said. The ghosts of 18 children reside within.

Mills Agent House Vassalboro Maine Haunted

The ghostly children appear to love toys, so Breton often leaves toys around the home for them. “Usually, the paranormal investigators that visit will tell them, ‘You can have the toys if you move them for us; if you do something with them.’ All of a sudden the dolls are moving, the cars are going across the floor and the balls are rolling,” he said.

The house is also reportedly home to a ghostly figure called the ‘Captain’. Many people have witnessed the captain as an apparition as well has captured the captain’s voice on recordings.

On tenant, Jennifer Goodrich who lived in three separate apartments at the Mills Agent house over five years, was one of the first people to see the captain. In an interview years ago with a local newspaper, Goodrich is quoted as saying, “The Captain appeared before me,” she recalled. “He was across the room. He was dressed in navy blue with gold buttons. He had a big beard and a hat. And he was looking right at me.”

Goodrich reportedly didn’t speak about the incident until a few weeks later when a paranormal group visiting the property reported seeing the exact same ghostly apparition.

There are many Youtube videos that show various overnight investigations at the Mills Agent House and all are equally as creepy.

In one video, Breton describes how he never really sleeps because the activity in his home doesn’t allow him to. He also states that becoming light headed inside the home is normal and that cell phones and other such electronics are quickly drained of power.

Breton also states that he has ‘more documentation of paranormal activity than many’. ‘Stack upon stacks of notes, pictures and audio dating back 80 years’.

There is also a ‘portal’ inside the home that Breton describes as an open hole in the ground that has incredibly high electromagnetic and vibration levels. Breton states that the hole has its own sound, a certain buzz that radiates from it. Breton has never let a paranormal investigator see the portal, but he has let a scientist have access to the mysterious hole. The scientist was equipped with very high end energy level monitoring equipment and after it was used near the portal, the man was completely taken back. The scientist told Breton that the energy level radiating from the hole in the ground was the equivalent to a solar blast.

Video Evidence

Perhaps one of the most compelling pieces of video evidence of paranormal activity was when a group of investigators where asking a ‘child’ to roll a ball from one end of the room to the other.

The investigator rolled a ball across the room and all of a sudden another ball started to roll in the opposite direction, with force. The ball rolls in unpredictable patterns, frontwards, backwards and sideways across the floor. Just watching the video it becomes clear that this is not normal and absolutely defies the laws of physics. The ball was clearly being controlled by some sort of force.

We have started the video below at the point where the ball starts rolling. 

EVP Evidence

The house was once used to perform illegal abortions at one point also. In the EVP below, in the supposed ‘abortion’ room, a voice is heard asking ‘are you pregnant’. 

Full investigation videos