Man Visits Gorillas He Raised As Babies And One Falls In Love With His Wife

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Damian Aspinall gorillas wife

When wildlife conservationist Damian Aspinall took his wife, Victoria, to the jungles of Gabon to meet a couple of old friends, he had no clue that one of his old pals would fall in love with his wife.

Damian wanted to introduce Victoria to the two gorillas he raised as infants at his wildlife sanctuary, Djalta and Ima. Both gorillas have been living in the wild for many years and Damian has visited a few times throughout.

In a past video, Damian met Djalta and Ima in the jungle after not seeing them for 5-years, the pair welcomed Damian with open arms. In that meeting, Damian introduced his daughter to the gorillas.

In the video below, four years have passed and now Damian was back in Gabon and ready to introduce his wife.

Check out the video below…it’s absolutely incredible! Such beautiful creatures!