29 Most Expensive Pets You Can Own

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Source: Awesome Jelly

A lot of us have or want to have pets. Aside from happy, bouncing greetings and warm, comforting cuddles, there are also several health benefits in owning a pet. Your furry or feathery (or even scaly!) friend can help decrease stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, and risks of having a heart attack or stroke. In addition to keeping you fit and safe, your loyal companion can also help you socialize. A pet does so much to bring joy into our lives, and we’d do anything to keep them happy, too.
Remember that owning a pet entails a lot of responsibility. Your expenses don’t end with the purchase of your new pet. You need to take into account the cost of food, healthcare, housing, grooming, training programs, and many other things. While some people struggle with the added monthly expenses involved in owning a regular dog, others don’t mind paying the heavy costs in caring for a unique and expensive pet.
If you’re among the people who won’t hesitate to spend a fortune to own and care for a rare exotic pet, keep on reading to find out the most expensive pets you can own: