People Are Calling This The Best Christmas Commercial Ever! I Might Have To Agree!

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Buster the Boxer stars in what many are saying could just be the best Christmas ad this 2016 season, if not the best of all time!

The ad is certainly a very original vision and very well done. One dad sets up his daughter’s Christmas gift, a trampoline on Christmas eve. Once it is set up, various animals climb on and start to jump around, unnoticed as the family is all inside the home. However, the family dog ‘Buster the Boxer’ notices and watches anxiously, clearly wishing he too could jump and play on the trampoline.

When the Christmas morning sun rises, the little girl gets up and her father shows her the big surprise! Super excited, the little girl runs out to the trampoline, only to be beat by Buster! Buster jumps on the trampolines and has the time of his life!

Such a cool concept and fun-loving commercial! Check it out below!

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