VIDEO | This 360-Degree Homemade Swing Is Enough To Make You Queasy

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YouTube user colinfurze uploaded a video showing off his new toy, a 360-degree swing, and needless to say, it will make your heart fall into your stomach just watching. If you ask me, the dude’s actually certifiably crazy!

“So I get motion sickness, I don’t particularly like heights, and I don’t like going upside down,” Colin, who’s invented a bunch of other crazy stuff, says, “So why on Earth have I made one of these?” he asks, zooming in to his creation. I don’t know, man. You tell me.

Claiming it’s the UK’s only 360-degree swing, Colin hops on sans harness or helmet and goes for a literal spin, giggling like a maniac. At least he pinches his knees “for extra grip.” Comforting. “Just hanging around,” he jokes, as he hangs midair.

“Now, this is still quite physical,” Colin says. “I think we can do a bit of power.”

Much to my anxiety, Colin continues to swing around as the camera pans out.


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