Dads And Their Kids Asked Each Other One Simple Question In This Emotional Experiment

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This simple experiment is incredibly eye opening. Losing my own father when he was just 60-years-old truly puts everything in this video into perspective.

Writing and film making company Echo Storytelling Agency created the TellThemNow campaign that seeks to open communication between dads and their children, no matter how old the children are. Fathers have, for a long time, been socialized to remain emotionally distant from their kids, and it usually causes more harm than good in families. This project aims to change that.

They¬†asked ten fathers and their children to participate in a short video. That’s all they were told. The result is powerful and surprised even the participants.

To make sure that father-child relationships could be the strongest possible bonds, the people at Echo had ten dads and their children participate in this emotionally touching short film.

Source : Youtube