How To Make A DIY Air Conditioner For Only $20!

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There are many different ways to stay cool during those hot, muggy summer months. Some are costly, while others are not! Check out this awesome, easy to make, inexpensive DIY air conditioner that you can make right at home!

This homemade indoor AC unit is only $20-$22, but if you are like me you can make it for even cheaper.



Find a cooler – This cooler cost $7.47 at Wal Mart.  Remember you will be putting ice blocks or a frozen gallon jug inside.  Just use a cooler that meets your ice freezing abilities.



Cheap Fan – $13.94 Wal Mart



PVC Elbow pipes work great for this project, you can get these at Lowes for under $2.00!



Take the front protective plate off from the fan. 



Lay the cover on top of the Styrofoam lid. You will trace around the cover with a knife. 



Mark around the fan before you cut. Using a sharp blade like a utility knife works best. You will do the same with the round ends of the PVC pipes as shown in the pictures. 



Take your time your almost done!



Place the fan upside down on the cooler and place elbows in the freshly cut holes. Now it’s time for the ice!!!



Once the cooler is filled with ice…plug in the fan and enjoy the cool breeze! 


Stay cool my friends!

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