The Genius Who Lived in a Storage Locker for $200 a Month Was Evicted

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“If you’re going to live in a storage unit, you’re going to need to be invisible as you can possibly be,” the man in the video tells us. And he would know. According to a spokesman for the company, U-Haul kicked the YouTuber known as o07craft out of his home before his how to live in a storage locker video went viral this week.

U-Haul’s Jeff Lockridge told CBC News, “Though the video insinuates he got away with doing this, this individual was caught and immediately evicted from the facility in November, two months before the video was posted.”

It’s unsurprising that U-Haul would want to get the word out that this man was kicked out, after all he’s literally promoting a tutorial for others to violate the company’s policies.

007craft is now living in an actual apartment. 

We don’t recommend you try living in a storage locker…stealing power or breaking any laws. 

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