Heal Your Dry Eyes By Using A Heated Dry Eye Mask!

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The improper eating habits and the hectic lifestyle of individuals can give rise to a variety of health issues, including insomnia, dry eye syndrome, and much more. Dry eye syndrome is a common condition experienced by individuals, especially youth these days. The increased screen exposure or inadequate intake of nutritious food items can be some of the common causes of dry eye syndrome. It occurs when the eye glands fail to produce enough oil for hydrating the eyes, leading to dryness or irritability in the eyes. The oil layer also prevents the tears from evaporating, keeping the eyes hydrated. To nourish the eyes with adequate moisture, individuals choose to use eye masks for dry eyes along with other home remedies.


What are the common causes of dry eyes?

The adequate production of tears can be due to a variety of factors like:

●            Aging (crossing the age of 60 can take away the hydration from your eyes)

●            Pregnancy, menopause, taking birth control pills, etc. can be a huge toll on your hormonal health, causing dry eyes

●            Dry eye syndrome can be a side effect of certain medications like antidepressants, blood pressure medicines, etc.

●            Blepharitis or inflammation in the eyes

●            Prolonged exposure of eyes to wind, sun, smoke, or dry climatic conditions

●            Using contact lenses

What are the commonly faced symptoms of dry eyes?

Following are the symptoms caused by dry eye syndrome:

●            Scratchiness

●            Burning sensation

●            Stinging feeling

●            Irritated eyes

●            Redness

●            Inflammation

●            Swelling

●            Excessive watering or no watering at all

●            Mucus production in or around the eyes

●            Blurry vision

●            Light sensitivity

Although there are numerous home remedies for curing mild symptoms of dry eyes, it is always advisable to follow foolproof treatments. Using dry eye masks has proved to be an extremely beneficial remedy for curing mild or severe symptoms of dry eye syndrome.


Do dry eye masks really work?

Using dry eye masks is an effective treatment for relieving the symptoms of dry eyes. Some reports also suggest that a dry eye-heated mask helps to restore the oil film in the eyes and stimulates adequate tear production. The heated dry eye mask helps to reach the desired temperature in which the oil production will be stimulated. However, it is always advisable to visit the doctor’s clinic if the symptoms still exist after prolonged treatment with a heated eye mask.

Even if you do not have a heated eye mask, you can alternatively use a heated towel and keep it on or close to your eyes for some time. The heat and moisture produced from the heated towel will soothe and relax your irritated eyes and supply adequate moisture to them.


Following safety tips while using a dry eye mask:

It is always advisable to follow instructions while using a heated eye mask to yield fruitful results. Particularly heated masks shall be used carefully to avoid overheating and harming the area around your eyes. You may also want to talk with your doctor to treat dry eye syndrome and use a heated eye mask as a part of your treatment. Your physician can also demonstrate the usage of a heated eye mask so that you can use it safely back at home. They can also detect other underlying symptoms and refer to suitable medication to get rid of the cause from the root itself.

If you have been suffering from the symptoms of dry eye for a long time, it is time to invest in a super effective remedy. Invest in the best eye mask for dry eyes by getting in touch with a reputable online brand. Hurry!! Place your order now!