Japanese Dishes You’ll Want For Your Next Party

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Summer is finally here in full swing. There is no denying that the warm weather has been out there lurking around, but it’s here in all its glory now. What does this mean? It means that it’s officially time for entertaining. Outdoor entertaining, to be clear! That being said, a potluck is by all means the way to go. It will not only make your life easier as a host, but it’ll make everyone feel like they have something to offer. Everyone will get to bring a dish to contribute, while also getting the pleasure of sampling other’s dishes. Want to do a Japanese-based pot luck? Make sure you include these dishes.

Tsukune Japanese Chicken Meatball Skewers

When it comes to summer delectables, you can’t do wrong with meat on a stick. And, that is basically what Tsukune is. These moist and flavorful chicken meatball skewers not only look inviting, but they’ll give everyone something to do and converse over at the gathering. You can prepare the ahead of time, keep them in foil, and allow everyone to grill them for themselves over an open fire pit. Everyone will be able to grill them to their preference!


People simply won’t be able to resist this dish because it’ll have their mouths watering. The delicious sweet grill smells that these chicken and scallion skewers produce are unlike anything you’ve likely experienced. Not only do they smell and taste great, but they match extremely well with a cold beer. And, what would be a pot luck without some fresh, cold beer flowing around?

Instant Pot Japanese Cheesecake

Instant pot Japanese cheesecake by Corrie Cooks is always a go-to for any Japanese-based event. And, this is because it is not only a delicious dish that’ll help tie you over after feasting on the entrees, but it is a decadent cake that can be prepared with only 4 ingredients. Is that even possible? You better believe it is and the recipe is available over at Corrie Cooks. Its light and fluffy and only takes a maximum of 30 minutes or less to prepare and cook. If you’ve never tried one, you’ll soon discover why they are so popular among the Japanese community.

Nishime (One-Pot Vegetable Stew)

Here is another one-pot dish that you simply can’t go wrong with. The only difference is that this one is a little healthier and homey. You won’t have to feel as guilty when consuming it! On top of this, it’s a colorful dish that’s commonly served for the Japanese New Year Celebration, so it’ll without a doubt bring some much-needed conversation to the get-together. It is a simmered dish with root vegetables, starchy potatoes, konjac, kombu, deep-fried tofu, chicken, and a bit of fish cake. It really is everything that embodies home-cooked Japanese meals and because it’s all cooked in one-pot the recipe along with the process is really easy. Just about anyone can do it and they can do it with ease. Make sure you take advantage of this healthy dish.