How To Make Your Own Decorations

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As we head into the autumn season, there is nothing quite like getting arty and immersing yourself in a range of different crafts. Whether you are looking to make something for Halloween, for Thanksgiving, for Christmas or just something autumn-themed, you are spoilt for choice. Crafts are great as you can either get stuck into them on your own, or it can be a nice social activity to do with your friends and family. If you are trying to decide what to create, we have put together some top ideas of crafts that you can get stuck into. Don’t be afraid to get messy!

Make A Collage Picture

A collage picture is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the autumnal weather. You can go out on a walk somewhere such as the forest or to a local beach. When you are here, collect lots of different items such as leaves, twigs, pebbles and moss – essentially things that will look great when put together on a collage. Once you get home, heat up a glue gun and stick the different objects down. You could combine this with some pen and paints to make a scenery, or just leave it as a tactile piece to hang on the wall. Either add it to a canvas, a board or some art paper – and why not frame it to go on your wall?

Have A Go At 3d Drawing

If you are looking to up your artwork, a 2d pen is a must to add to your project. With a 3d pen, you can draw a graphic that is raised, essentially drawing in mid air. It is an incredibly innovative way to get stuck into crafts and you can make some brilliant things with it. Why not have a go at drawing some Christmas decorations? Or some decals for your wall? The choices are endless and you can see no limits to your creativity!

Paint Some Of The Autumn Scenery

There is nothing like the colours of autumn to look fabulous in a picture. Why not head out to the amazing scenery and put it into a painting? You could either go and do it in real time, taking your sketchbook and paints and painting it as you see it, or you can go and take some photos to turn into a painting when you get home. It will be a great reminder of your day and the time of year as well as add brightness to your home.

These are just a few autumn craft ideas that you can enjoy. When the weather turns colder and the activities that you can do outside get a bit more limiting, there is nothing like doing some art and crafts to fill your time. When the rain is falling it can be a really cosy thing to do inside, as well as being beneficial for your mental health. What are some top crafts that you like to do? Let us know in the comments below what you like to get stuck into!