Guy Takes Two Years To Build Incredible 3-Story Backyard Play Area For His Dogs!

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It took Aaron Franks two years to build an incredible three story backyard play area for his family dogs and boy oh boy is it impressive! So impressive, that you just might want to make your own ‘play area’ for yourself just like it!

Aaron states that his dogs are part of the family and this creation of a ‘dog house’ nearly completes the home he and his wife have been working on for the last 10-years.

The entire play area is three stories tall. 

It has three separate entrances so the pups can come and go as they please. 

The entire play area is equipped with running water. 

There is even a doggy pool! 

There is a lounge deck too!

Of course there is also a bathroom! 

There are three swing and a pirate ship wheel too!

Three rabbit hole escape routes are also worked in to the design. 

A tiny ramp just in case the pups are tired and don’t want to use the stairs. 

The play area is also equipped with electricity!

Security cameras allow Aaron and his wife to watch the dogs from inside their home!

What’s next…well, Aaron states that his kids now want him to put a flat screen TV out there so the pups can watch Animal Planet!



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