Jeep Owner Isn’t Happy About BMW Owners Crooked Parking Job…So He Pushes It Into Parking Space

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Well if this isn’t a dink move! 

We all can’t stand those who don’t know how to park…but we don’t go around pushing their vehicle into a parking space! But….some of us apparently do just that. 

In the video below, a guy driving a jacked up Jeep (probably compensating for something small in his life), isn’t a fan of the way a BMW was parked. Half of the BMW was in the specified parking spot, while the other half was just big chillin’ outside of the lines. 

The driver of the Jeep decided to nudge up against the pricey BMW and give it a little push so it was parked correctly. 

I’m pretty sure there was a dent in the BMW by the end of the video. 


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