How To Use An Electric Oven? 6 Practical And Easy Tips

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Cooking in an electric oven is a unique experience, so if you have one, you know what I mean. But if you just bought one and you don’t know how to put it to good use, I tell you that learning how to cook in an electric oven is nothing from another world. And thinking about it, we would be happy to show you how to use an electric oven well. Below you can find practical and easy-to-follow tips with which you will get the most out of your electric oven.

Electric ovens are a very useful tool for your kitchen, but you need an effective and complete guide that shows you how to use it. Here’s a list to show you how to do it:

1- Light an Electric Oven

To know exactly how to turn on an electric oven, it is necessary to consult the manual since each model is somewhat different. But generally, electric ovens have a START button. After connecting the oven to an electrical outlet, press and hold the START key to turn on the appliance and begin pre-heating.

2- Pre-heat the oven

Before starting to cook with an electric oven, you have to keep in mind that you have to preheat it for a maximum of 5 minutes, just turning the oven on and setting it to a minimum temperature. Then when you have the food that you are going to bake or cook ready, make sure that the oven tray is well placed so that it does not have any inconvenience and then put the food at its center.

3- Program the cooking time

The next thing you need to do is set the cooking time required for each of your meals and this is easily accomplished by setting the timer. But if it happens that your oven does not have a timer, you have to keep an eye on your meals. The advantage of the timer is that it allows you to have meals cooked through and to your liking, it will also allow you to do other things while cooking by letting the electric oven do all the work.

4- Program the temperature for the food

After setting the cooking time, you would then have to set the temperature depending on the meal you are making or the recipe you are following. After the time to bake or cook your food has started, it would be recommended to check on your food every now and then to confirm the cooking process is going well. It’s possible for the food to cook too fast or too slow, but you can regulate the temperature depending on how it goes.

5- Remove your Food

When the moment you have been waiting for has arrived, when the timer rings and indicates that the cooking time that you programmed is over, then you could say that it is time to open the oven and then be able to enjoy your favorite food. However, I’m sorry to tell you, there’s a possibility that that isn’t so. You have to make sure that your food is thoroughly cooked and if in any case it isn’t, you would have to put it back in the oven to cook it a little more until you see that it is ready.

6- Cleaning your Electric Oven

Not only the correct use of the electric oven is important, but so is its cleaning. For that reason we leave you some simple tips for cleaning your electric oven:

– Do not put your food at temperatures way to high as it can not only burn your food but also make a mess in the process which would make it difficult for you to wash the tray afterward.
– Do not use rags or cloths that are too rough to clean your oven as it will cause scratches to its lining.
– Always clean after each use. If you leave it for the next day, it will be more difficult to clean, and can also cause producing odors in your kitchen.
– The most important thing to keep in mind is that regularly cleaning your oven is essential since it will not only maintain the quality of your electric oven but also take care of the health of your family.
– Always use parchment paper and not foil.

– If you are having trouble or if you need to clean “hidden parts”, contacting a service professional who’s trained to fix appliances is advisable.

Remember that the functions of the electric oven may vary, either by type, model, and brand. You must also be and very responsible in the use of electric ovens, otherwise, not having the right knowledge on how to use one properly may cause an accident.