18 Foods That Can Cause Cancer

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Food is an essential source of nutrients, protein, minerals, vitamins, etc. Though maybe not many of us really watch what we eat. Some of us eat to live, others live to eat. It is not difficult to comprehend why some just love to chow down. But there are some foods which can actually be health risks. Most especially if abused or not consumed in moderation. However, there are many stories and texts about dangerous foods that can kill us, cause cancer or other ailments, that it is hard to tell which are scientific and which are the whims of the writers. Some articles are meant to scare the readers, but that is not what being careful is all about. You don’t have to stop eating foods that have been considered high risk in getting cancer, for example. Again, moderation is the healthy way to go. For foods or drinks to be considered carcinogens, strong evidence must link its consumption to an increased cancer risk and show how cancer may develop as a result. There really is no specific food that causes cancer. It’s all about minimizing the risk.
Here are some foods that have been considered as possible cancer causing:

Processed Meats

Source: http://ninacheriefranklin.com

At the top of the list of probable cancer-causing foods is processed meats, which the World Health Organization (WHO) has put in the same category as smoking and asbestos when it comes to cancer risk. It does not however, state that you will most likely get cancer – just like not all smokers get lung cancer. It simply means that processed meats have a higher risk level of probable cancer possibilities. Included here are sausages, bacon, hot dogs and ham, because of an increased risk of colorectal cancer. Eating just about 50 grams of processed meat a day increases the risk of colon cancer by 18%. Yet there are those who consume much, much more without any problems (think of all the hot dogs consumed during a baseball game). When your parents or grandparents were young, there was not much concern about probable cancer-causing foods. Studies were not done often, and processed foods were not as plentiful and as popular as today. Today, seems like doctors link almost everything to causing cancer, while this may be exaggerated, it pays to consider limiting intake of certain foods like processed meats.