Weather Girl Inessa Lee Caught Singing On Air

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Thousands of Indiana residents heard a cute childish voice singing “raindrops keep falling on my head,” – that’s how Inessa Lee informed her audience about the rain on PBS news-center.

Back in the day, Inessa won the attention of “American Idol” fans due to her Betty Boop impersonation on the reality show (Season 10). Later on, she made a breakthrough in her music career by getting on the Top 15 Billboard dance chart with her “Gimme All (Ring My Bell)” single – the remake of the disco-era classic.

But after releasing the “I am not I” album, Inessa had to quit singing, because of her bipolar disorder. She was diagnosed with depression and anxiety after directing her own feminist videos about killing multiple lovers. At first, it was a vampire story, then she turned into a gangster, riding on top of the car and shooting from the fire gun. Eventually, in her latest music video, she turned into a spy, killing her boss. All because she couldn’t identify herself as someone mentally stable.

Now Inessa is presenting the weather on PBS news-center. According to some recent interviews, she is fully recovered from bipolarism. But it seems like her bipolar disorder is back, at least it was for a moment when she was signing on air.

Watch Inessa singing on PBS news-center: