Top 7 Airline Baggage Tips You Should Know About

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The most preferred way to travel overseas or distant locations is through a flight. Whenever we make travel plans, the first thing we go through is booking flight tickets to avoid any last-minute surprises. We put a lot of consideration on the price factor, connecting flights and transportation to and from the airport, but this might not be enough to make your journey more comfortable. There are certain baggage tips you need to follow to make your in-flight experience hassle-free, and your travel experience better than ever. Always remember, without proper planning of luggage, you might end up having greater chances of ruining your travel experience.

1. Travel with carry on luggage only

It might sound a little out-of-the-box but a lot of airlines allow you to travel with the carry on bag followed by smaller items such as a purse or backpack without any charge. Although, there are certain regulations about the size and weight of luggage that you need to follow but it will save you from the troubles of getting your bags checked in and checked out. The carry on bag should be able to fit in the overhead cabin and the smaller backpack or purse should be small enough to fit below the seat. You can check out these regulations on the website of your airline. If you do not need your extra bag on your further travel into the city, you can easily store it at JFK luggage storage.


2. Lesser baggage means lesser cost

It is not an undeniable fact that carrying extra baggage on a flight will cost you extra money so it is advisable to keep your number of bags to a minimum, and the weight under the restricted limit. A lot of airlines charge extra fees for extra number of bags even if it falls under the weight restriction.


3. Large and heavy bags will cost you a lot


A lot of airlines have restrictions on weight and size limits that you need to clearly follow before packing your stuff otherwise you will end up paying a lot more money on the airport while checking your bags in. In the worst-case scenario, bags that exceed these limits may not be allowed on the flight as well which will end you up in a lot of trouble.


4. Baggage rules vary from flight to flight

Different airlines have a different set of rules and regulations for baggage which you need to follow clearly before packing your stuff. You need to cross-check these baggage restrictions over the airline website and you must be aware of the differences between baggage policy of domestic and international flight also.


5. Check the fees of luggage before purchasing the ticket

Instead of blindly purchasing the cheapest ticket that comes to you, you need to find out the baggage fees on the particular airline otherwise you will end up paying a lot of money over your bags instead of your flight ticket.


6. Find out if the airline wave of your baggage fees


A lot of airlines waive off the baggage charges for premium customers and frequent flyers. You need to find out these policies carefully which will save you a lot of money.


7. Baggage fee concession in group travels

If you are traveling in a group, it is advisable to find out what the baggage policy is on your respective airline for groups because this will eliminate any extra charges for an additional number of bags.

These were some of the baggage tips that you need to follow while traveling through an international aircraft. If you are traveling with a lot of baggage to a city like New York, you can easily store your baggage atJFK luggage storage.

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