Are You Marriage Material, Or Is Divorce Inevitable?

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The big ‘D’ word is a scary word, that we know. But how many married couples out there, should in fact, get a divorce? The divorce rate is rapidly increasing every year and as of right now, nearly 50% of all marriages end in divorce.


This new world in which we live in brings many variables that play a part in the decision to divorce. With private dating apps, social media offering an inside look to millions of peoples lives and the lack of morals and standards which a lot of people seem to possess, the inevitably of divorce is rather high.


So, with that said. Should you be married?

Answer the 10 questions below to find out. If your score adds up to +4 or more, than sadly divorce may in your very near future. Have a score less than +4? You will probably be together forever, but as always, work will be needed to have a successful and happy marriage.

 1.If someone were to offer you a large sum of money, enough to make you debt free and fulfill all your financial needs and dreams…would you leave you partner? In order to accept the money, you would have to leave.  (Yes +1) (No -1) 

2. Do you engage in personal and sometimes inappropriate conversation with another man or woman on social media? (Yes +1) (No -1) 

3. If your spouse offered you a ‘free pass’ to spend one night with anyone you wish, would you take it? (Yes +1) (No -1) 

4. Do you often go out on the town without your partner? Spend late nights at local bars, or clubs alone or with friends? (Yes +1) (No -1) 

5.  Is your partner the first person you think of when you wake up and last person you think of before you go to bed? (Yes -1) (No +1) 

6. Do you keep secrets from your partner? (Yes +1) (No -1) 

7.  If your partner gained a significant amount of weight, would you distance yourself from them? (Yes +1) (No -1) 

8.  Does your partners family like you? (Yes -1) (No +1) 

9.  If you didn’t have children with your partner, would you leave them? (Yes +1) (No -1) 

10. Have you ever cheated on a partner in the past? (Yes +1) (No -1) 

How did you score?


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