75 Cute Paragraphs To Surprise Her

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In this day and age, text messages are often used to communicate with your girlfriend. While this is totally and wholeheartedly acceptable, there’s a lot to be said about love letters. This may sound old school to you, but in reality, handwritten notes are considered timeless, and admittedly, a lot more romantic. Words of Affirmation is a love language, and this one could easily be hers. While you may not all be poets, you’re certainly allowed to steal a line or two from movies. Words may not be your strongest suit, but what matters most is that you mean what you say. Put down these words on paper and melt the coldest of hearts. These classics may have been written by someone else, but feel free to borrow it and let her know just how you feel the best possible way.
Poetry and love come from the act itself, and not from the fact that you’ve borrowed someone else’s lines.