Must Check These While Buying Prescription Glasses As A Present For Someone

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Giving presents to someone is always a great joy for both the giver and the receiver. We always want to make sure that we are giving the best to someone. We also make sure that the receiver will like the gift and will use it very often. If you are going to buy prescription glasses as gifts, you must be sure about a lot of things. Prescription glasses are very personal things, such as mens blue light blocking glasses, and we must be very precise when we are giving these to someone. It is wise to follow the below factors while considering one.


When buying prescription glasses, never ignore the fashion factor. Always buy frames that are in trend and are suitable to the facial shape of the receiver. Make sure the glasses enhance the look of the receiver. Prescription glasses most often make the personality boring, look for the frame that does not do that.

For an oval face, always go for an angular shape like a rectangle or square. If the person likes sports, buy a style that suits the sporty look

Proper material

Material matters a lot in prescription glasses because prescription glasses are to be worn all the time. If the material is not suitable, it will make the person uncomfortable. Always go for better and lightweight material that does not put pressure behind the ears and neck when worn. When buying lightweight frames, titanium or acetate frames prove to be ideal.


It is one of the most critical things when purchasing. The prescription for our eyes changes every two years. We must always be sure about the current prescription of the one who will wear the glasses. If the prescription is incorrect, it will ruin the gift’s purpose and make it useless. You can also get your latest online prescription at Lens Scanner App.

Vision is the most critical thing, so being precise about prescription will make the surprise even better for the receiver.

Always recheck it before purchasing it for someone.

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Lenses and Coating

If you have the correct prescription, now you can find the right lenses for the person. You have to purchase the single vision lenses to correct the near or the far vision problem. You can purchase the bifocal lenses to correct the near-vision or far vision.

Lens coating is also another critical thing because it helps in clear vision.

Purchase a high index if buying lightweight lenses. You can also purchase the anti-reflective lenses to distract sunshine or reflections. Anti-scratch coating can help in reducing the minor damages.


Must follow all the above-given tips to purchase a perfect present for your loved ones. Good luck!