The Importance Of Your Baby’s Name

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Since ancient times, the option of being able to choose your baby’s name is practiced by different cultures, and depending on the name choice is the brand of destiny. In modern times, we still have those beliefs because today, there are endless rites for choosing the name for your child. Factors of choosing a name usually depend on whether the baby will be a girl or a boy, the day the baby is born, or even something that represents any experience for the mother or for the father. 

Reality is not so far from the beliefs rooted by different cultures throughout the world. Children, when they grow up and begin to understand that the word they say at home or in schools is their name, also begin an identification process for their person and the pride that comes with it. 

The name is just a word; it is not something tangible that can be held in the hands, stored somewhere or something the child can hug while sleeping at night. Any name is abstract; with which you can only see, hear, and create a connection; the latter being the most important. 

Specialists, and in particular psychologists, urge parents not to forget that a name is for a lifetime because it will be their child’s business card, this decision should not be taken lightly. According to records, it has been observed that in the last 100 years, there has been a change in fashion in naming children. Parents give them foreign, territorial, historical, religious names, so the name of saints are no longer the exclusive use for names. 

There is also a deep-rooted habit of continuing with the name of the parents, so it is not surprising that the great-great-grandson is called the same as the great-grandfather, or some other family member in another line of the same. Will you continue with that tradition? Find more about baby names, clothes, and tips on Bitsy Bug Boutique. 


– When decorating their room, parents can put the baby’s name in many places or create manual activities where they can put their name on. 

– Sing songs with their name where it is the center of attention. 

– Tell or write magnificent and interesting stories about a character named the same. 

– Teaching activities in which the baby has to look for the letters of their name and thus assemble it. 

As parents, it will be necessary to always have on hand teaching material with which you can make corrections when they start writing their name, such as mentioning “your name begins with the letter S, like the Sun.” The importance of these activities is that they learn to write correctly and that you feel proud through a connection. 

Your baby’s name is very important, as they are the first words they understand, and it reflects the baby’s identity! 



People learn from childhood to identify themselves with their name, to respond to it, and to integrate it as an entity that will accompany them for the rest of our lives. That is why it is normal to have many options as parents when choosing a name of their children, so if you are looking for help to decide what name to give your baby girl, stop by on unique baby girl names to find 50 unique names for girls and their meaning. 

The last name is something that is already known and is hereditary. However, the name is something of free choice, and therefore it is a responsibility for parents to choose. There are as many original names for children as you can imagine, and that is why the decision becomes more difficult. In the end, as a couple, they can let themselves be influenced when choosing the name for their baby by their tastes, interests, and what they give more importance. 

The choice of the baby’s name makes women especially excited during pregnancy. They have to like it for its meaning or for how it sounds, it has to combine with last names, and above all, it has to convey something special to them. A name is for a lifetime, so start making a list. 

Here is a list of beautiful common baby names with their meanings: 

– Sofia: of Greek origin and its meaning is “wisdom” or “the one who possesses wisdom.” 

– Lucia: of Latin origin “lux,” its meaning is “She who bears the light” or “She who is born of the light,” in reference to the girls born at dawn. 

– Mary: of Hebrew origin “maryam,” its meaning is “the chosen one,” “the one loved by God.” 

– Paula: Latin origin “Paulus” and variant of Paola. It means “The minor,” “The small one,” or “That one of small size.” 

– Daniela: of Hebrew origin, whose meaning is “That God is his judge” or “Justice of God.” 

– Valeria: of Latin origin and its meaning is “healthy and courageous.” 

– Julia: of Latin origin “Iulus” / “Iulia,” name with which the members of the Roman family Julia were identified. It means “consecrated to Jupiter.” 

– Alba: of Latin origin, and means “Aurora,” “Dawn,” “white and bright,” “the one who was born with the first light of dawn.” 

– Claudia: of Latin origin “Claudinus,” which means “She who limps” or “She who walks with difficulty.” 

– Isabella: Italian form of the name Isabel which means “Promise of God,” “Who loves God.” 

– Romina derives from the Latin “Romanus” and means “From the land of the Christians.” 

– Jimena: from the Hebrew “Simeon” and means “The one who listens.” 

– Emma: of Germanic origin, means “Big”, “Strong”, “Immense”, “Powerful”. 

– Irene: of Greek origin, from Eirene, which means “Peace.” 

– Martina: feminine form of Martin, of Latin origin and means “consecrated or relative to the god Mars.” 

– Sara: of Hebrew origin and its meaning is “Princess,” “lady,” “sovereign.” 

– Laura: of Latin origin “Laurus” (laurel), means “Victorious” (crowned with bay leaves). 

– Charlotte: catapulted to fame after the birth of Princess Charlotte, daughter of Kate Middleton and Prince William. It means “small and feminine.” 

– Violet: of Latin origin, and its meaning is “beautiful as the flower that bears the same name.” 

– Eleanor: It has its origin in the old French name “Aliénor.” The origin and meaning of this name are very uncertain, but the most generalized hypothesis relates it to Elena, and its meaning would probably be related to the “burning of the sun.” 

– Lucy: it is the English version of “Lucia,” which means “The one that was born in the light of day.” 

– Evelyn: name that derives from the Greek word ‘hiya’ which means “source of life.” 

– Adeline: from the old German “athal,” means “noble.” 

– Alice: name of Greek origin, means “Real, true and sincere.” 

– Adelaide: name of Germanic origin, means “noble appearance.” 

– Elizabeth: English translation of Isabel. It means “The one to whom God gives health” or “The one to whom God has helped.” 

– Samantha: of Aramaic origin, means “the one who knows how to listen.” 

– Scarlett: of English origin, means “Scarlet color.”