Mystery Surrounds Photo Of Owner Spreading Her Dog’s Ashes

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dogs ashes

Is the photo real or fake?

A photo of a woman spreading her dog’s ashes in Colorado is bringing comfort to some people who have lost their beloved pets, while others are questioning its authenticity.

The photo shows a woman, identified as Ashley, spreading her dog Wagner’s ashes over their favorite dog park in Colorado. In the photo, a white shadow in the shape of a leaping dog appears near the woman.

Comments on the viral photo range from convinced the photo is real, to the photo is nothing more than a poor Photoshop job.

“Brought tears to my eyes, as I just lost my beloved dog,” one person commented on the photo.

“If that does not tell us our animals r still with us after they pass then nothing will,” another person commented.

The Nevada Humane Society also shared the photo and posed the question, “Who believes the Rainbow Bridge is real and who believes our pets are looking over us once they pass on?”

However, there were some skeptics who commented on the photo, as well.

“No one else is questioning that despite general darkness and shadows, the grass and building in the background are lighter? I think this is a bad photoshop job,” another person commented.

You decide.



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