These ‘NIPYATA’ Piñatas Are Filled With Mini Booze Bottles And Are The Perfect Addition To Any Adult Party!

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Can you remember what it was like as a kid, whacking away at a party pinatas at your birthday party, or maybe a friends birthday party? If you can’t, let us refresh your memory — it was freaking awesome!

The excitement of who is finally going to crack open the pinata, followed by the actual cracking open of the pinata and a rush of goodies raining down upon you! Those were the days! But if you want to relive those glory pinata smashing days as an adult, you now can, thanks to a company called ‘NIPYATA!‘.

NIPYATA! offers various booze piñatas that drop mini bottles of alcohol! I’m thirsty already!

The NIPYATA! websites states:

A NIPYATA! is a “piñata filled with nips, candy chasers, and NIPYATA! fortunes. Typically strung up at parties and beaten with a stick by adults until it breaks and things fall out, and everyone goes wild. In other words: The World’s Greatest Drinking Game.

You can choose from an array of NIPYATAS! For instance, a piñata shaped like a vodka bottle that is filled with mini vodkas. Or a dollar-shaped NIPYATA! filled with whatever you want!

For those who’re wondering what nips are, they’re 50ml bottles of various types of liquor.

The NIPYATA will also contain fortunes, which includes customized messages tagged to every bottle, and candy chasers. Man oh man does this sound like a good time!

Each NIPYATA is intended to withstand adult-strength swings and can hold up to eight pounds nips. That’s definitely enough to get you and your friends a little tipsy!

Not only does the NIPYATA lets you customize the shape of a piñata and the type of liquor, but you can also personalize the “fortunes” attached to each miniature.

Some of the standard options include piñatas molded like a donkey or sombrero, beer, and tequila bottles, or the patriotic “Freedomyata.”

Also, you can get piñatas for major birthday milestones or more, and customize them in any other aspect. Just choose the shape you prefer, decide how many nips to add in the miniature.

Standard NIPYATAS! come with a set mix of spirits and candy, and their prices from $89-$189.

If you live in one of the 9 states in the Unites States that don’t allow booze to be shipped to you, then sadly you are out of luck!