Old Tire Rims Make Awesome DIY Fire Pits

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If you have been toying with the idea of making your own fire pit, or maybe even replacing your existing fire pit — you must check out these old tire rim fire pits!

The beauty of these fire pits? They work amazing, they are incredibly easy to make and finding old tire rims is super easy! There are plenty of junkyards that would be happy to see these old tire rims leave their property, for cheap or free!

Tire rims from a normal sized, four door car with give you a small, yet effective fire pit. If you are looking for a larger fire pit, you will want to look for truck rims at the least.

These fire pits are easy to load up with burning materials, they put off a ton of heat and you can even add a grate to the top and cook on it! So basically, they are the perfect addition to your backyard or campsite!