These ‘Hand Pillows’ Will Guarantee You That Your Baby Is In Good Hands While They Sleep!

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Once you get past the feeling that your baby is being coddled by ‘Thing’ from the Addams Family, the Zaky Hand Pillow is actually a pretty cool idea.



A baby craves a parent’s touch, so this ergonomic baby positioning pillow is designed to mimic the size, weight, and feel of a parent’s hand and forearm. Although the design may appear like a creepy disembodied Muppet hand, your newborn will feel completely comforted as the hypo-allergenic, 100% anti-pilling, extra soft micro fleece hand cradles them until they fall asleep.



You can now walk away without waking them and still feel your baby is in good hands, literally. I wish I had a giant pillow hand to hold me at night too.



Zakys are ergonomically designed to simulate parental intervention (shape, soothing touch, weight, and warmth of the hand and forearm).


The hand pillows are also offered in a variety of colors!




What do you think? A good idea? Or creepy idea?



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