5 Things Women Actually Want For Valentine’s Day

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We will start out by saying that convenience store flowers and a box of chocolates didn’t make the list. Go figure. 

Chocolates and flowers are just too predictable. To a woman, this is nothing more than their partner going through the motions and putting zero thought into the holiday of love. 

Women want something with a little more thought behind it, something that says ‘Hey babe, I appreciate you!’. 

Check out these five options that may make your lady truly a happy woman this Valentine’s Day. These suggestions are straight from a woman herself…and as we all know…all women know exactly what they want!

The following is from …a woman who knows what she wants!

1. I want sleep.

I really, really want sleep—good, uninterrupted, kid-free, glorious sleep. I want you to get up with the kids. I want you to make breakfast. I want you to entertain them. I guarantee I won’t be able to sleep in late, but I want the opportunity to do it anyway. Don’t turn on the lights. Don’t make a noise. Wake up, get out and let me sleep. Oh, and when you or the munchkins do wake me, it’d be real swell if you could have a Starbucks in your hand.

2. I want you to call the babysitter.

I love date nights, but just this once I’d love to go on a date night that I didn’t plan. Not a single minute of it. I want you to call the babysitter, make the dinner reservation, buy the movie tickets and light the candles. And, if I’m shooting for the moon here, I want as much time to get ready as I could possibly need. I want to simply look pretty and show up.

3. I want you to clean my car.

My car is a rolling trash can. I want to drive a clean car, but cleaning it is lower on the priority list than cutting my toenails and organizing my junk drawer—I just can’t waste my precious time on it. So, I want you to find all the milk-filled sippy cups and stale french fries and melted crayons and papers and toys. A clean car even for one day would make me so happy. Please, please clean my car.

4. Tech-Free Day

I want you to put your phone down. I don’t want you to look at your phone for any reason. Don’t read the news. Don’t scroll through Facebook. Don’t check sports scores. Don’t text GIFs to your friends. Don’t. Just put the phone away.

5. Shoes

Seriously, if all else fails, and you don’t have time or original ideas and you can’t put down your phone—buy me shoes. Don’t buy me flowers. Buy me shoes. Shoes are the way to my heart. (Anything from Nordstrom size 9.5 will do.)

We hope that list from Kate gives you a little insight into what you should and should not do or get for your lovely lady this Valentine’s Day! You have one shot…don’t blow it!

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