Make Your Pores Disappear With This Weird Trick

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Nobody wants over sized pores and there are zillion’s of products on the market that are geared towards reducing pore size and keeping acne low key. There is also an incredible hack using Pepto-Bismol that will not only soothe an ill stomach, but keep pores tiny and non existent!

All you need to get started is Pepto-Bismol and a way to apply the medicine directly to your face; this could be a makeup brush or a sponge, but don’t use your fingers, no matter what you do.

Apply a generous amount of the medicine to your brush or sponge, then apply it directly to the area in which you’re trying to reduce your pore size (your nose is typically the most popular target area.)

Leave the Pepto-Bismol on your face until it is completely dried on – you’ll look like you have a little pink face mask on! Then, use a wipe or damp cloth to gently pat off the Pepto-Bismol. Try not to rub, this will create irritation and wrinkled skin further down the road.

When you wash off the medicine, you’ll see a visible difference in the size of your pores. This before and after from beauty blogger Farah Dhukai (to whom this tip is credited to!) is absolutely incredible and really says it all.


How does this work, you ask? Well, Pepto-Bismol contains beta hydroxyl acid which, while it’s meant in this case to help stomach aches, also clears dirt and oil out of pores quickly and efficiently. It works almost like a fast-acting astringent!


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