This Amazing ‘Magic’ Picture Frame Makes Anything Placed In It Move In Slow Motion

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This is one of the coolest things we have ever seen and once you see this ‘magic’, slow motion picture frame in action, you will no doubt feel the same way!

Have you ever wished that you could speed up time, slow it down, or stop it entirely? Maybe we all have, but unless you have Hermione Granger’s Time Turner, the ability to control the clock’s hands is probably not in your toolbox.

However, an invention called the “Slow Dance” frame opens a window into what it might look like to see things move in slow motion in the real world.

When you place them in the frame, delicate objects such as leaves and feathers quiver and undulate, as you might expect them to when they’re stirred by a gentle breeze. But there’s a subtle difference — the movements appear to happen at a fraction of their normal speed, taking place right in front of your eyes.

Everything in the video below is shot in real time. It is so tranquil and rather mind blowing! I must have one…or two!


Jeff Lieberman, the creator of “Slow Dance,” is no stranger to slow motion. He formerly hosted the Discovery Channel program “Time Warp,” a science-themed show that used high-speed cameras to film everyday actions, capturing up to 40,000 frames per second (a normal camera’s shooting rate is typically 30 frames per second). Using extreme slow motion, the show explored dynamic physics principles that were demonstrated by a diverse range of activities — from explosions to body piercing.

Lieberman recognized that watching things happen in slow motion creates a sense of wonder, and allows the viewer to appreciate the beauty of movement — something that they might miss if they were watching it in real time, he said in a statement.

But could he take that sense of wonder from watching slow motion on a screen, and recreate it in reality? Yes…yes he can…and he did.

The Kickstarter campaign for “Slow Dance” launched on Aug. 15 with a goal of raising $70,000, and backers have been anything but slow in their response. As of Sept. 7 — with six days to go — total pledges amounted to more than five times that original amount, reaching over $467,000. The product is expected to ship in early 2017, with “Slow Dance” slated to appear in stores by late 2017 for $299.



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