This 26-Pound Origami-Inspired Kayak Fits In A Small Box & Unfolds In Just Five Minutes!

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Defying the challenges of an average kayak, Oru Kayak is an urban dweller’s dream; an origami-inspired play-boat that folds up into a 12-foot, 26-pound rectangle in just a handful of minutes. 


folding kayak2


Kayaks are clumsy, heavy, and difficult to stow—that’s no secret. Furthermore, play-boats aren’t typically revered as works-of-art. Until now. Based in San Francisco, the company Oru Kayak rolls over all of those difficult features with an all-original design. 

folding kayak4


The fold-able kayak starts in the shape of a 32″-by-13″-by-28″ size box and transforms into a 12-foot, 26-pound floating device—in just 5 minutes. The rectangle opens into a single sheet of corrugated plastic, which snaps into a kayak with a strap-and-buckle system.



The boat is also recyclable and created more sustainably: the process demands 70% less petroleum than that of a standard kayak…which is awesome!

folding kayak5


The company offers three different models ranging in price from $1175 to $2475. You can order one here!

folding kayak3

Check out this short video below of the origami kayak being put together. And the second video of Oru Kayaks at night is pretty rad as well.



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