Old Man Goes Back To Lake To See If Snake He Used To Feed Remembers Him After Many Years

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snake remembers man

This video features the sweetest 79-year-old man you will see all day!

The man used to travel to a remote lake to feed the snakes that inhabited the area. Feeding the large, non-venomous Diamondback water snakes was something this man absolutely loved to do and he had not had the chance to do so in many years. Well, he finally made it back to the lake and this time he had a camera rolling!

The man sat on the edge of a dock and waited, wondering if the large female snake he used to feed daily would remember him. All of a sudden, a large snake emerges near the dock. As the man grows excited, the snake pokes her head up over the dock and casually greets the man. Just then, the snake comes on to the dock and goes right up the mans leg and onto his lap.

The man feeds the snake a fish and is overcome with excitement that his old friend remembers him!

Older Guy Is So Happy To See His Snake Friend Again

This guy came to see if his wild snake friend remembered him — and she slithered right up his leg to say hi ?❤️

Posted by The Dodo on Thursday, September 28, 2017