Group Of Curious Lions Enter Campsite And Try To Get Inside Tent

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Camping often is a wonderful, safe experience…that is if you are camping in a place where lions don’t roam.

In the video below, Faro Fino from Brazil was camping with friends when a group of curious lions strolled into their campsite. Luckily for us, the encounter was caught on film. Unlucky for them…it looks scary as hell!

The lions can be seen casually walking around the tents, curious for sure. But one lion in-particular is extremely curious – or maybe we are confusing ‘curious’ for hungry!

The large male lion peeks inside one of the tents where a man is clearly visible. The man attempts to get the lion to retreat, which only partially works. The male lion swats his massive paws at the tent, knocking down polls and pulling on the tents frame.

Luckily Fino and his friends were not injured during this late night visit. With nothing but a tent wall in between these people and a group of lions, I would say living to share the video below is quite lucky!

Pensa num acampamento bom pra descansar e relaxar!!!!

Posted by Faro Fino on Monday, July 29, 2019