Sorry…But Another Winter Storm Is Brewing! 12+ Is A Possibility!

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Well folks, just as we are digging out of the last storm…another one is brewing. A storm that could bring another 12+ plus to many Maine towns! 

I know what you are thinking…’Sweet Baby J…more snow…YUCK!’….and your are not alone. 

The storm is predicting to hit Wednesday and go right into Thursday.

Warmer air may flow in and cause a wintry mix and rain at the coast, but there will still be a decent amount of snow making its way to the ground. 

Central Maine seems like they were hit the hardest in the most recent Blizzard…and again, central Maine will be the target for the heaviest snowfall during this upcoming storm.

It will be up in the air whether or not school will be cancelled on Thursday as the bulk of the snow will fall Wednesday evening. 

It might be time to cancel February vacation with all of the snow days the school kids are racking up! What do you think?

Cover photo – cnbc

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