Once Poor, Maine Restaurant Owner Raises And Donates Millions To Those In Need

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Her name is Laura Benedict and she is one of the most giving people you will ever meet.

laura benedict

Laura is the owner of The Red Barn seafood restaurant in Augusta, Maine and she doesn’t just turn out incredibly awesome food on a daily basis, she gives back to her community in a big way.

Years ago Laura launched Red Barn Cares, a foundation through which she runs all of The Red Barn’s fundraisers. Laura has since been helping others by running fundraisers for those in need, raising millions of dollars which she selflessly donates to those in need.

When troubled times fall on Maine people, Laura rallies the community together and offers her food, service and heart to help raise money.

I personally, have ate at the Red Barn quite a bit in my day and often drive by the restaurant where their sign doesn’t advertise their food, it advertises their most recent or next fundraising event. Being in Maine myself, I often see how much Laura is doing for the State and local communities via my personal Facebook news feed…Laura is always helping!

Laura wasn’t always in a position to help others however. Laura struggled to pay her bills for 30 plus years. The restaurant was putting her in debt by the hundreds of thousands. But she didn’t give up. Laura persevered, always with a smile on her face and has given away about as much as her business brings in.

Every Monday, the Red Barn hosts its fund-raiser dinners where the community gathers to donate, laugh, share a little love and of course…eat!

Laura and The Red Barn was recently featured on NBC’s Nightly News and what a great story it was. Check it out below and make sure to check out The Red Barn on Facebook! You rock Laura!

If you are ever in Maine…you may want to look The Red Barn up because their lobster rolls are the bomb dot com! 🙂

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