Maine Lobster Buoy Floats 2,500 Miles And Washes Ashore In France

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Everyone in America knows Maine is all about the lobster…and now the people of France know it too!

The photo below was posted Sunday to a Facebook group called “Lost At Sea.” The person who posted the image asked the group members to help identify the owner of a buoy they found in Brest, France. The buoy was thought to belong to Maine, Florida or Massachusetts.

Group members quickly identified the owner of the buoy as Adrian Batson, of Addison, Maine. A woman, Judy Rolfe, claiming to be Batson’s fiancée confirmed his identity, saying:

It is from Maine and it belongs to Adrian Batson from Addison Maine! Funny thing is he hasn’t had this color for almost 15 yrs! I am his fiancée and he never comes on Facebook but is aware of this! We are amazed this was found an looks in pretty good shape for the time and distance it has traveled!

See the original post here

Screenshot (Google Maps)

Talk about a journey! 15-years at sea and it made its way all the way to France! Now that is cool!

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