Luc Tieman’s Long, Angry And Chilling Rant About Missing Wife Says A Lot

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34-year-old Valerie Tieman was last seen by her husband Luc Tieman August 30th, 2016. Luc Tieman said he went into a Skowhegan, Maine Walmart alone while his wife stayed in the truck. When he came out a short time later Valerie was missing.

Luc Tieman never reported his wife missing. It wasn’t until 15-days after Valerie ‘wandered off’, that her parents, who currently live in South Carolina, called authorities to report that they have not heard from their daughter in weeks and that her cell phone was shut off.

Today, September 20, 2016, a body was discovered on the property that Luc and Valerie shared in Fairfield, Maine.

UPDATE: On September 21, 2016 Luc Tieman was arrested as he was leaving a Waterville, Maine hotel. Tieman was charged with the murder of his wife, Valerie Tieman. Maine State Police stated there was enough evidence found on the Tieman property to tie Luc Tieman to the murder. (See court papers detailing Luc’s account of what happened the night Valerie died. Also, the medical examiners cause of death.)

Many of us have watched enough CSI, Lifetime and Forensic Files to know what more than likely happened in this sad case. However, Luc Tieman as of now, remains a free man as the Maine Medical Examiner comes to a conclusion as to the cause of death, as well as the identity of the body found on the 17-acre, wooded Tieman property.

The odd part about this case appears to be the lack of remorse from husband Luc Tieman. He never stated his wife was missing publicly until the police were involved…again…only after Valerie’s parents called police to conduct a welfare check on their daughter.

Luc’s life appeared to be nothing short of business as usual. Posting pictures of sunsets and political images on his Facebook page, all the while telling the world he just had a great workout at the gym. Meanwhile, his wife has been missing for weeks.

Is it strange a man would not report his wife missing? Strange, that a husband wouldn’t be concerned that his wife simply vanished from a parking lot and her cell phone mysteriously shut off.

We thought this was odd and wanted to try and find out just who Luc Tieman really is, and then we came across a chilling rant he left on his father-in-laws Facebook page. Concerned friends of the father-in-law were commenting on the fact his daughter was missing. Then a question is asked after Luc Tieman briefly joined the thread. A question that clearly sent Luc Tieman into a crazy rage.

Exactly how could you just go on like nothing happened…when your WIFE is missing…

The post were just a few short days ago on September 17, 2016. Below is Luc Tieman’s rant in full. Notice the anger, the eagerness to tell his side of the story and to throw his wife, Valerie under the bus. The rant is condescending, controlling and Luc states he doesn’t want people to know certain details, yet he states them anyways for all to read. There is a lot of hatred and anger in his words, fear and guilt. His rant appears to be his opportunity to let the world know he is innocent and that his wife is not the victim in this situation, he is. But sadly, his wife was found deceased on their property earlier today. Clearly, this poor woman was a victim.

We don’t know what the outcome of this case will be, but we are near certain that Luc Tieman is not the neighborhood sweetheart he believes himself to be.






An interview given by Luc Tieman yesterday, 9/19/2016. 

(Come out of what?) Never have we heard someone speak about wanting a missing loved one to ‘come out’ of somewhere.

Posts from Luc Tieman’s personal Facebook page.



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