Guy Tells Horrifying Story About Spreading His Grandmother’s Ashes And It’s Hilarious

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spreading grandmas ashes story

We all deal with grief and sadness in different ways. Some cry, some get angry and others laugh and make the best of it.

The latter was the case when one young man set out to spread his dead grandmother’s ashes into the sea, along side family members.

Mitch Feltscheer shared his hilarious and oddly touching story on Twitter.

After his grandmother died, members of the family decided to do something nice: go to her favorite spot with her ashes, and individually scatter a bit of her remains in private.

Since they would be spreading the ashes outdoors, wind was the only issue standing in their way.

The day was rather windy, so the family got a little closer to grandma than they had initially hoped.

The high cliff send off wasn’t working out so hot, so they decided to change plans.

Which clearly came with new obstacles.

After all the craziness settled, it was time to open the urn.

It was at that time, the family just couldn’t take it anymore and laughter set it, big time!

That’s also when the jet-skiers came.

Grandma’s remains got ran over and shot out the back of the jetskies, high into the air.

You can’t make this stuff up!

There has to be a punchline to all of this…

…enter dad.

What a story! I bet grandma was smiling!