Lost In Translation | Funny Japanese T-Shirts That Attempted The English Language

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Sometimes it is best to just leave well enough alone. If you are producing shirts with wording on them in your own country and selling them in your own country…you should probably use the native language of your country. 

Below you will see T-shirts made and sold in Japan that make a strong attempt at using the English language. Somewhere along the way…something was lost in translation. 

1. It is right…sort of…

2. Just in case you need protection

3. I have zero clue what this is trying to portray 

4. Make a difference 

5. I hate it when something is ‘Not Not’

6. Not sure why dwarf bravery is being promoted so much in Japan…

7. Doesn’t seem to smart…

8. Maybe this is trying to say ‘Make it rain’

9. Yeah…take that!

10. Oh Snap! Truth!

11. I don’t want to be milky at all…

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