The Best Job In The World | Volunteers To Cuddle & Nurture Babies At Adoption Agencies

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Have some free time on your hands? Love to hold and cuddle babies? Have a little extra love to share? If you can answer yes to those questions, we have the perfect job for you!

Turns out adoption agencies are in need of some caregivers for babies who are waiting to be adopted.

This position is especially crucial for the babies who are in their first few weeks of life as they need a lot of human affection and love. The adoption agencies need a lot of volunteers as there are more and more babies that are entering the adoption process every day.



The vice president of outreach and communications for Adoption Learning Partners is Joan Jaeger. She said the following about the program:

“Everyone loves holding newborn babies. Newborns benefit so much from the one-on-one care.”

She also added that this program is the most popular form of volunteering activity that they have!

Not a bad gig at all!

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