Babysitter Falls Asleep On Sofa, Dad Stops By And Takes Kids To Teach Her A Lesson

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This entire situation is incredibly messed up! 

One dad (Christopher Soares) was not impressed with a young woman (Sarah Walsh) who was supposed to be watching his children while he was at work. 

babysitter falls asleep

Christopher works close to home and stopped back home to pick up some paperwork. When he walked in the home, he found Sarah, asleep on the families sofa. 

Christopher waited at the home for about 30-minutes, but Sarah never woke up. He then took his kids and left the home, but not before he took video and pictures of the sleeping sitter.

Finally, nearly 2-hours later, Sarah texted Christopher. 

Christopher and Sarah had quite the text message exchange. Check it out below. This is a parents worst nightmare!



The sitter never called the police. She did however, reach out to Christopher’s wife…who by this time…was with Christopher and their kids. 

Christopher called the police station to file a ‘neglect’ complaint. Ironically, Sarah calls the police at that same time…only after waiting nearly an hour and half.

The police advise her that the children’s father may be able to shed some light on the situation…and that’s when Christopher drops the bomb!

babysitter falls asleep




The rest of the story is just as crazy. Long story short…Christopher made a complaint to the police. He then posted about it on Facebook. Sarah, filed a harassment charge against Christopher. Christopher’s post got reported to Facebook and taken down. 

The lesson here…if you are parent…make sure you hire a responsible babysitter. If you are a babysitter…don’t fall asleep on the job. Watching someones kids is kind of a big deal!


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