11 Things You Will Quickly Realize When You Move To Maine

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Maine is a state like no other! It’s vast, just populated enough to be ‘cool’ and there is no shortage of adventure!

In Maine, you can hit up the Mall in the morning, go hiking in the mountains in the afternoon and eat dinner ocean side in the evening! 

If you are moving to Maine, there are a few little things you will notice right away…that will most certainly let you know that you are not in Kansas anymore!

1. This does not mean you have a snow day! 

Maine State

Peter / Flickr

 This is considered a minor snow storm with a few snow drifts. Just brush off the car and head on in to school and work!

2. You can’t get there from here! 

Maine State

joiseyshowaa / Flickr

If you stop to ask for directions while in Maine, you will probably get told ‘You can’t get there from here!’. There are multiple ways to get anywhere you want to go in the State…and there is no doubt you will probably choose the longest one!

3. You can literally buy lobster just about anywhere! 

Maine State

vhines200 / Flickr

This is no joke! You can buy lobster at your local grocery store…or out of the back of a pick-up on the side of the road! The closer to the coast you get…the more lobster vendors pop up!

4. Our National Parks and Mountain Terrain Is Awesome!

Maine State

nickgallop / Flickr

From Acadia National Park to Baxter State park and Mount Blue…there no shortage of awesome wilderness terrain! 

 5. You won’t ever have to figure out how to say ‘Aroostoock’


Maine State

jstephenconn / Flickr

 You can get by with just saying ‘The County’. 

6. Maine isn’t all coastal!

Maine State

pavdw / Flickr

Maine isn’t all coast! There small cities, rural areas, farm land and plenty of mountains! 

7. You can forget about this letter. 

Maine State

duncan / Flickr

True ‘Mainers’ rarely use the letter ‘R’ in their speech!

8. No two places are the same!

Maine State

Colton, G. W., Colton’s Atlas of the World Illustrating Physical and Political Geography, c. 1857 edition.


9. Moose are not the friendliest. 

Maine State

christine4nier / Flickr

You will see a lot of Moose in Maine…but you don’t want to approach them or mess around with them. They are known to not put up with much crap from humans! 

10. This is Spring

Maine State

zepfanman / Flickr

Spring in Maine….otherwise known as ‘mud season’. 

11. You will want to call this place home!

Maine State

chrispotako / Flickr

No matter where you end up living in Maine…you will fall in love and won’t want to leave!


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