What Grocery Stores Deliver For Free

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Nowadays, most people have completely another approach to time management than as it was 10 or 20 years ago. Today, having a successful career and family is not something unusual, but it also means that people have to delegate some time-consuming tasks to special services. If you live in the countryside, shopping may be a challenging task, so people prefer to order grocery delivery directly from the stores.

The main problem with the delivery is not that it is costly but in the uncertainty of the final price. Each online grocery delivery service will first require three steps from you: order, pay, receive. Today we will talk about the details of the five widely available food delivery services and check if they deliver food for free.


Walmart offers two options for ordering products. In some regions, you can request a free delivery to your home address if the total cost of the purchase is more than $35. Otherwise, you will have to pay $5.99 of the shipping fee. Besides, Walmart provides a free next day delivery for a certain list of goods as baby food and hygienic items, food for pets, household essentials, snacks, cosmetics, medicines, etc. All you need to do is to make your purchases online and enjoy free delivery.

Additionally, Walmart provides an interesting pickup offer, which is also free of charge: just place your order, and get free delivery to your car near the store. Same-day delivery is possible almost everywhere except Wyoming, Montana, and New England.



Shipt is a popular grocery shipping service available in Chicago and the cities of Texas. It works with the majority of grocery chains around the US including Target, Winn Dixie, Costco, Meijer, etc. To get a free service, you have to make a purchase over $35 and enjoy quick shipping within an hour. If your order is less than $35, you have to pay $7 of the extra fee. Besides, Shipt offers a free two-week mobile version before the subscription, which is $99 per year or $14 per month for unlimited free shipping. Remember to regularly check out Winn Dixie ad online, and save even more on your purchases with Shipt.


Amazon’s product delivery service offers shipping directly at the door. This store offers a 30-day free trial period of AmazonFresh, which will then cost from $14.99 a month for a basic membership to $99 for Amazon Prime. During this period, you can order anything for free, but if it is less than $35-$50, you will have to pay $9.99 for delivery. As for a pickup delivery, this option is completely free.


Instacart provides delivery from the most acknowledged stores in the USA around 40 states, including Washington DC. The pricing policy of each seller is taken into account. While most offers promise “daily store prices,” others make it clear that the convenience of Instacart will make you pay more than in stores.

If you prefer to skip the delivery fee every time you make it, register with Instacart Express. In exchange for $149 per year, you will receive free shipping for every order over $35. For non-members, the shipping cost is from $5.99 to $11.99.

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The goods are shipped from Peapod’s warehouse directly to your home. Peapod is available in New England, the Mid Atlantic, and the Midwest. The service is associated with Ahold-Delhaize grocery stores, including Giant and Stop&Shop. In some areas, automatic delivery in an isolated container is available (you do not even have to be at home).

A year of Peapod unlimited delivery will cost $119. There are also 3- and 6-month subscription options for $49 and $69. With PodPass, the free shipping option starts from $100 order. Otherwise, you will have to pay for delivery $7.95 fee. Additionally, Peapod offers shipping discounts if you choose off-peak times. You can schedule delivery even the next day or up to two weeks.

In Conclusion

Ordering a grocery delivery in the US is quite a simple task if you are ready to pay a membership fee. If you are looking for the free shipping options, you have to select the favorable grocery store nearby and learn the terms of the delivery. Most stores apply a certain threshold for free delivery, so it is recommended to study these offers in advance.

Remember to include the tax to the total cost, because it is not usually calculated during the ordering. Check what is your average grocery bill, and find out if you could order the free delivery. If you require a certain kit of products, you can also check if the free shipping is available. Good luck!