Hidden Camera Captures Slick Grocery Store Scam That We All Can Easily Fall Victim To

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There is nothing worse than getting your hard earned money stolen. The mere thought of someone attempting to steal that hard earned money is enough to anger many. We sadly live in a world that is filled with different types of scams and thieves. Below, you will see first hand that thieves are now targeting grocery store shoppers as a way to make money.

The scam and or plan is simple and not one that is technically ‘new’. However, we as people have a lot of power in stopping it and protecting ourselves.

The idea is simple. As shoppers are distracted looking at grocery items, or leave their cart unattended – thieves swoop in and steal their wallet. Women are mainly targeted in this scam or robbery because they often carry purses or external wallets that they leave in their shopping carts. This makes for an easy grab!

We use the word ‘scam’ because these grocery store thieves often times work in pairs. One person distracts the shopper by engaging in conversation and removing their focus on their grocery cart, while the other partner swoops in and steals the victims purse and or wallet.

Inside Edition recently shared a video that showed this scam in action. Then they ran their own thievery operation to see if they could pull it off easily. Well, it would appear the scam/thievery is easier than one would think to pull off.

Check it out below and always pay attention to your surrounding and belongings!