21 Of The Deadliest Snakes On The Planet

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Source: https://i.pinimg.com

Out of the 3,500 or so snake species, 600 are venomous, though only about 200 are deadly to man, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Each region of the world has their deadly reptiles, Africa has the mambas and puff adders, Australia has the taipans, Central and South America has the fer-de-lance, Asia has the cobras and kraits, and North America has the rattlesnakes and vipers. Other regions as well have deadly snakes, some deadlier than others. The most venomous snake does not make it the deadliest, usually snakes tend to shy away from humans. But some snakes are simply ferocious and unafraid. Experts and snake handlers know to keep away from the very aggressive ones. Some snakes have killed lots of people since they live in populated areas, such as parts of India. So this list will combine the 3 major factors of deadly snakes – venom, aggressiveness, and known deaths caused by their bite. There really is no specific order of deadliness, just be aware that they all are deadly in this list.
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