Tips for Choosing the Best Exterior Doors for Your Home

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If you choose the right exterior doors, you will be proud of how people describe you. But, if you go in haste while choosing your front door, you will be terrified by your description. You will realize people use the color or style of your front door to describe your place and even your personality.

So, if it does not describe you, do not go for it. The material you choose for your exterior doors is not a problem because there is a variety of them that you can choose from. Nowadays, these materials are made to be more durable and stylish. Your effort in choosing what fits your home and personality is what matters. Here are some materials you would want to consider. Take a look.

1. The Best Materials for your Entry Doors

When the time for buying an entry door for your home comes, you will be faced with the task of selecting the material. Some of the best materials include:

2. Wood

This material has been in use since time immemorial. Because of its long history, wood is popular, and some homeowners do not believe other materials can be suitable for making entry doors.

This material is expensive in terms of maintenance and purchasing. However, their aesthetics are incomparable and gives a home a classy touch.

Wood is easy to repair, but quickly get spoilt by harsh weather. To deal with this challenge, modern technology veneers it over engineered wood. It becomes resistant to this kind of weather, protecting them from warping, cracking, and rotting.

3. Steel

You can never go wrong with steel exterior doors if security and durability are your primary concerns. Although other materials can provide these features, they cannot compare to steel.

The material is affordable and requires low maintenance. It rarely gets damages, unless when hit hard. In such cases, it becomes dented. This form of damage is often a DIY repair.

The modern age presents steel entry doors with aesthetic finishes. These finishes differentiate them with the traditional ones. You also have an option to stain them according to your style. Steel doors have foam insulation that is high-density in nature for energy efficiency.

4. Fiberglass / Composite

If you are looking for a door with fantastic warranties, this material has it. With fiberglass, you can be sure of no disappointments and durability.

Fiberglass does not require complicated maintenance. It withstands all weather and scratches, making it remain appealing for long.

For the lovers of the wood-like finishes, fiberglass can be stained to achieve this finish. Because it provides an upgraded finish, it is more expensive than both wood and fiberglass.

Other Factors to Consider

1. The Size of the Front Door

Another critical aspect to consider while choosing an entry door is its size. Once you have settled for a material, look at the size. If you go with the standard size, your measurements will be 80” tall by 36” wide.

If your preference is for unique designs such as the glass panes and other decorative, do not forget to include their allowances. In such instances, professional service providers become helpful. They can help you to have the right measurement for your door to avoid having the wrong size for your door.

2. Popular Styles

When choosing a front door style for your home, do not forget to look after your home’s architecture. You do not want to reduce the great design simply because you cannot decide on a door style.

If you have a traditional home, you can install a wooden entry door to give it a classic finish. A transom door will have a contemporary finish, adding value to your house’s general look.

3. Professional Installer

Total Home Windows and Doors always recommends to go for the local exterior doors installer. These professionals are ideal since they are easily accessible and understand the area better. So, their advice is more viable because they have the experience of the area’s weather and the best option for your door.

Ensure you carry a thorough background check before contracting them. Check for referees and certifications in the field.