A Guide For Choosing The Best Seamless Hair Extensions

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Who doesn’t like thick and voluminous hair? Almost every woman wishes to have longer and healthy-looking hair. But the problem of hair thinning is associated with genetics. According to WebMD, women also lose hair or suffer from thinning hair, just like men do. The only difference is that men suffer from the severe receding front hairline, whereas it is rare with women.

Many women move to medication to curb the hair loss problem, but results take time. Therefore, the best solution for adding an instant volume to the hair is to get seamless hair extensions.

If you wish to pep up your looks and add a little glam to your appearance, you must go for hair extensions. They not only make you look youthful but also add volume to your hair and blend with your hair naturally. If you have no idea how to choose the hair extensions, then here is a guide for you.

Synthetic or Natural Hair

Hair extensions come in two variants: synthetic and natural. Synthetic hair extensions are made from low-grade acrylic or fine-plastic fiber. But, natural hair extensions are made from human hair.

Synthetic hair cannot withstand heat. So, avoid using a flat iron or heat rollers. Natural hair extensions are a bit expensive, but they can be used to treat our hair. You can wash and treat them the way you do for natural hair.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

These are best for DIY grooming with no long-term bonding. These extensions can be easily clipped in your hair without looking messy. Many women prefer clip-in hair extensions as they offer ease and comfort during application. Clip-in extensions come in multiple pieces (wefts) of various widths.

The benefits of having seamless hair extensions are that they give you added volume, longer hair, highlights, or lowlights. They are visibly undetectable and can be clipped in a minute or two. You can wear them only when you want or on special occasions. Furthermore, they do not require frequent salon visits for maintenance.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Unlike clip-in hair extensions, tape-in extensions require proper maintenance and frequent salon visits. They are thin tape-wefts that are taped between your hair in a sandwich like bonds.

It requires no tools or chemicals; it is a 100% natural method. The application takes less than an hour, and the extensions are reusable. But, you will need to visit the salon every six to eight weeks for thorough maintenance.

Find the Perfect Color Match

If you research online, you may find many reputable hair extension specialists. Some of them offer free color-matching service. You can ask them which color you are looking for, and they will guide you accordingly.

Some women prefer having hair extensions similar to their hair color. They must hire a salon expert, and the hairstylist can dye the hair extensions identical to their natural hair. You can also find hair extensions of different shades online. Just check how many sets of wefts you require and place an order.

Go for any hair extensions and familiarize yourself with the products you choose. Do not opt for cheap quality; after all, you will be investing in your looks.