VIDEO | Here Is Why Paper Cuts Hurt So Freaking Much

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It doesn’t matter how tough you are or how high your tolerance of pain is…a paper cut freaking hurts and hurts bad!

Why though? I mean, paper cuts are so tiny, yet they hurt more than a large cut.

This is a questions that many have pondered over the years and YouTube channel, “SciShow”, set out to answer the question…and they did.

There are a few reasons why paper cuts hurt more than other cuts. First, paper cuts almost always happen on our hands, and because we use our hands so much, we think about them a lot more than our other body parts. In fact, “Your brain thinks about your hands at least 10x more than your arms or legs.”

Additionally, our fingertips are particularly sensitive. The video explains, “Since you mainly use your fingers and your hands to feel the world around you, they’re full of nociceptors, pain receptors that respond to things like pressure and temperature.”

The main reason paper cuts hurt more than, say, a cut from a knife (which could also be on your fingertips), is because the edges of pieces of paper are very jagged — almost like a saw. Paper can also leave chemicals behind that irritate your skin.

Find out more about paper cuts in the video below!


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