Coaching 101 | Video Of Basketball Coach Blocking Kids Shot Is Taking Over The Internet

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Youth basketball is about building teamwork and having fun…but it is also about winning! In the video below, you will see one coach who doesn’t mess around when it comes to coaching…and winning!

In today’s society there is so much talk about teaching kids that everyone is equal when it comes to sports. That when you play a game it isn’t about winning, it is about having fun. Well, I don’t buy it! 

I grew up playing sports and we were super competitive and it taught me a lot! Winning is a great feeling and it can teach a child a lot of positive things. When you work hard and play hard, you get rewarded. Losing can also bring a ton of life lessons. It proves that even though you worked hard, you may not have worked hard enough…or maybe you just got outplayed and that is okay…it happens. 

My kids play a ton of sports and I have always joked around with them saying ‘It isn’t about winning, it is about who comes in first!’. 

I say that with sarcasm of course, but you should see the look other parents and coaches give me when I say it!

In the video below…one coach sees one of his players dribbling the ball towards the wrong teams basket. Instead of just yelling out to the kid, the coach runs out on the court and blocks the kids shot like a boss! 

Check it out. 


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