When Grandma & Grandpa Are Away, The Grandchild Will Spend $7500 On Ebay

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Nathan, Nathan, Nathan…what have you done?

While visiting his Grandparents, Nathan decided to dabble in the world of eCommerce.

Nathan’s Grandmother was preoccupied with his sister and Grandpa’s computer was available for use…so Nathan went shopping on Ebay. Nathan checked out a few Xbox 360’s and like them so much, he placed a bid!

With the current bid at $70, Nathan wanted to make sure he landed those Xbox’s for sure, so he entered a bid of $7500! Guess what? He won the auction!

In this video below you will see Nathan confesses his sneaky ways, only after he gets a little coaxing from his Dad.

Luckily for Nathan, Ebay was able to void the transactions.




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